160MC Term 2

A Master’s Tale

P2P- Production Reflection

It took us two days to film our project, one day was used to film the interview with Jacqui Fisher and the second day was used filming her class on what they do. The first day of filming i didn’t attend as i was working at Tesco when the filming was done. Brandon asked the questions, whilst Chris handled the camera and Matthew was using the rifle mic. On the second day of filming i did attend however Matthew couldn’t make it as he was very ill and sent to hospital.

I mostly used the mono-pod on that day whilst Chris and Brandon used the tripod. We used the tripod to get steady shots of the room and the students performing martial arts. Brandon used the Go-Pro and made sure that the Go-Pro was secure on Jacqui’s leg as she strikes the boards. We had to make sure that on both days that the audio is fine as we aren’t allowed to replace the sound with anything else.

Overall the filming went really well however the first day of filming could of been improved as the organising for the shoot was done on the day before we filmed and was rushed. This can be improved with better organisation.

P2P- Editing Reflection

Chris was in charge of editing the video, the first edit was okay aligning the footage along with the audio from the Zoom H5 Audio Recorder whilst at the same time trying to create a narrative and creating a emotional response. The audio had to be perfect as the only audio is from the visuals itself we couldn’t add anything else to fill in parts that had no audio, so the focus was to make sure that Jacqui was always speaking and that the class noise would help fill the areas that were dull. We had meeting during the editing phase on what things we should do and what things we should remove.

In the end i didn’t mainly affect the editing process overall as Brandon decided to move the footage over to Final Cut Pro as Chris swapped with Brandon, and Brandon had more expertise with Final Cut then Premiere Pro and i lacked the experience with Final Cut. During the final stages of the editing we noticed that the sound was out of sync with the visuals, this was our biggest problem as the video already tell Jacqui’s story without the need to even edit it in the first place. However if we had left the alignment between video and sound it would look sloppy and unprofessional.

P2P- Whiteboard Meeting



Gym- Pros

  • Sense of where she works
  • Mise’en’Scene
  • Large space
  • No invasion of privacy
  • What her classes are like

Gym- Cons

  • Mirrors on the walls
  • Not free
  • May get in the way of students, spooling the nature of the class
  • Us being in the way can cause an accident

Home- Pros

  • More personal
  • Better emotional response
  • Free
  • No background noise
  • Get shots of her accomplishments with martial arts

Home- Cons

  • Pet might get in the way
  • Not a lot of space
  • Could break something
  • Don’t want to interfere with room layout

After the meeting we concluded that we try to film at Jacqui’s home if possible and if not our contingency plan would be to film the interview at the gym.

P2P- First Meeting with Jacqui Fisher

Brandon and Chris met Jacqui at Brandon’s house, Matthew and myself were unable to turn up to the meeting as we were busy with our work. (When i say work i don’t mean uni work i mean retail work). Brandon and Chris recorded their meeting with Jacqui and when i watched i realised that Jacqui is totally fine with cameras and was conformable answering any personal questions that they asked her. Here is the recorded meeting that Brandon uploaded to Youtube:

P2P- Skype Call

Me and Brandon were in a Skype conversation, Brandon used his webcam to show the storyboard he had been drawing on his whiteboard. Together we pitch ideas to each other to add and/or change the storyboard. We decided to split the video into four acts. The first act would be about Jacqui’s origins, how her husband fell ill, what the doctor’s solution to the problem was, how they came about the idea of doing martial arts, and why she joined with her husband. The second act would be about the sexism involved in martial arts, when she joined she was picked on by other students for being a woman, did she ever think about giving up on martial arts?, did this bullying affect her performance?, did it affect her relationship with her husband in anyway?. The third act would be based around Jacqui’s experience on Johnson’s martial arts group, did she think it was an improvement from her previous martial arts group?, was it worse than her previous group?. The final act would be about ATMA, how she started it and why she started it, however she will try to promote and sell her idea in the interview (which is a natural thing to do), what we will have to do is cut those parts in Post-Production.

P2P- Group Vote

My group consisted of: Myself, Chris Craddock, Brandon Frieslaar and Matthew de Salles

We all decided to go with Brandon’s client Jacqui Fisher a Martial Artist who runs her own martial arts club ATMA. She started martial arts when her husband fell ill and their doctor recommended that the husband should undertake physical activities, the husband already like martial arts and was keen to start learning. Jacqui also started to learn martial arts with her husband to support him, this is one story angle we could use. However another angle we could go is the fact that Jacqui was treated differently because she was a women.

P2P- Found Somebody

Looking through my previous contacts and i found Ravi, a staff member of the Positive Youth Foundation. The Positive Youth Foundation is a charity/youth group they provide opportunities for young people to reach their full potential. They have many activities such as Community Engagement, Education and Training, Youth Music, Health and Well-Being, Professional and Organisational Development and Female Focused activities. They aim to help young adults which have trouble with their social lives. Ravi works with the boxing activity, he was orignally a member of the Foundation then became a full staff member, so his story would be about his origins and troubled life.

The Positive Youth Foundation’s boxing activity takes place at the Bodymaster’s Gym from 8pm to 9:30pm every Friday. The Foundation uses a section of the gym for where they practice boxing. The space is just large enough to work with however filming positions will have to from the same side as there are mirrors on the back wall.

The risks that was spotted during Location Scouting was that there is a small amount of space to film which may lead to a boxer accidently fall on the equipment damaging not only the equipment but also the boxer as well. Another risk was long hours/fatigue since it goes for an Hour and 30 minutes carrying the camera in a small environment will be tricky especially if we have to also move the tri-pod also. The lack of energy could lead to an accident due to carelessness.

A solution to the lack of space is to tell the staff and boxers where we will be filming and when we have stopped filming in that location, this will warn the staff/boxers and that they are aware of what could be behind them. A solution to the second will be to take 5 minute breaks in-between if needed and to avoid fast and frequent movement as much as possible this will make sure that we have energy to film throughout the night without causing an accident.

The video will contain interviews to give the viewers more information and insight to the viewers of Ravi’s past. When we film the interviews we need ask the questions in a way so they first say the question as i am aiming that the interviews will be Vox-Pops. A problem that was noticed during my location scouting was that the sound might be too loud and we will be unable to film the interviews, however if the music was turned off the sound levels would then be in acceptable ranges for the interviews.

I will be using close-up shots, close-up mid shots and voice-overs for the interviews this will show who is speaking clearly and the microphone will be able to pick up the voice of the people being interviewed. The shots that we will be using for the voice-over will be mid-shot, long shot, this allows the camera to pick up more action to make it seem less boring. Their won’t be any music added as the task states that i am not allowed to add my music, so the sounds will mostly come from the actions of the boxers and the interview.

P2P- Finding Someone

For my first task for 160MC (Term 2) i have to interview someone that isn’t a student and they have a interesting story to tell. So far my search was unsuccessful as my close family didn’t have a ‘interesting’ to share so i have decided to search previous contacts that i have worked with in the past.

Poetic Eyes

For my first task in university i had to make a 1 minute video which used archive footage. Sounded easy but the catch was i had to create my poem. Which i had never done before and struggled with. A lot. I had to pick a subject which i could base my poem around but every time i picked a subject  the poem just seemed to difficult to produce. I asked help from my friends in the university. They did suggest i did an acoustic poem, however that style poem did feel like cheating. When i returned home that day i look to my more intelligent counter-part Navdeep Atwal and he was amazing at poems, (I was quite jealous). He help me base my idea. I then managed to create my poem and here it is in all its glory:


4 thoughts on “160MC Term 2

  1. Have been through all your blog posts to date. Your work is minimal. There are no observations or reflections on the lectures as well as none of your own development work. You need to document the production process for P2P with comments. Overall it is lacking and you need to deal with this urgently.


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