Knock, Knock, Knock- Critical Reflection

The film movement/style that my video is mainly categorised in Neo Realisim. Neo Realism was a film style during the years in 1944-1952, mainly the aftermath of World War 2 so many of the films had a low budget as nearly every country was bankrupt after the war so films focused it on normal people lives at the time and their daily routine and they would use real places and not sets and a limited number of them, meaning that most only used one location for the film. These films had a documentry style to the film with long cuts, which is what my film fits into.

I based my research on Vittorio De Sica who made lots of Neo Realism films like ‘The Bicycle Thief’ and ‘Terminal Station’/’Indescretion of an American Wife’. Terminal Station is essentially true to the neorealist which De Sica started in ‘The Bicycle Theif’. It was all mostly shot in that terminal, meaning that the film did have limited locations. De Sica also populates his location with a range of people from their classes in society and age, and sometimes shwoing these characters without the main characters making these extra characters more important. Also many of these extra characters are given dialouge adding some characterization to them making the station feel more alive, instead of them being silent and just filling space that they would in most Hollywood films. Selznick version (‘Indescretion of an American Wife’) butchers this idea and edits the film so that the main characters are always in focus in each shot.

In my edit the film is set in only one location and shows the outside of the house for a very limited time compared to the rest of the film, where it was locked inside the house, i couldn’t focus any extra actors in my edit because in the script their were no extra characters just those two. So with some cuts i made longer than they could of been making them focus more on the scene instead of just the character like ‘Terminal Station’.

With my version of Knock, Knock, Knock i made my edit a Sci-Fi, Drama, like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Its a sci-fi drama because of the ‘briefcase computer’ and the alien-like scream which i added at the end and the story is very open ended. You could think that these characters are simply on the run from monsters that hunt them, or that this is a competition of some soughts, after all during the middle section of the edit you hear the characters say: “I thought we were supposed to get three knocks not two?” “Were supposed to, maybe they changed how much time we have”. As if they changed the game rules for example. Also the eeire sounds i placed with the edit slowly builds up right from the start making it suspenseful. I think that having the story open ended is a good thing, because it makes the film that much more creative and imgainative and the audience can choose their own ending to film. Almost as if the film was a template for a story and they can edit it how they like with their imagination.

Most of my audio from the edit is diagetc sounds, i only used four non-diagetic sounds. The knocking which could feel like a diagetic sounds already, the eerie sounds in the background, the computer’s voice and the banshee scream at the end. I wanted to use as little non-diagetic sounds as i possibly could as i wanted the film to feel natural as possible to give the audience less information about the film other than what they are seeing to allow the audience to further think their own story this is alos why i chose to not add any music to the film instead only use eeire noises, which slowly builds up from the start showing that the danger is arriving closer and closer, and you really start to hear it when the characters are alerted to the danger as well. This can be used as the music for the edit or the sounds of whatever is knocking on the door.

During the editing process i wanted to make my edit to look like ordinary life at first, going with the Neo-Realism theme. I decided to keep lighting the same and the colours all the same to make it look like real life, this works really well at the start because at first you don’t know what will happen and it looks like a film set in the normal life. Then when the mood of the film changes i was conflicted on changing the lighting. It could of added to the sci-fi element however this would conflict with Neo-Realism also without the lighting this makes it morenatural and could make the audience feel like this could happen to them as it looks like the present-day.

Also i chose the camera shots that lastest the longest and followed the characters as much as they could, again giving that Neo-Realism feel to the film i did decide however to use other camera angles such as POV, however i decided only to use POV shots for the other characters: The presence that knocks on the door, and the computer. This does however confilct with Neo-Realism as normally you could focus on the other character but with POV shots you can’t as you can’t even see it. However it does add to the suspense, without a doubt for the shots outside the house where the camera moves in a weird making you feel like the presence outside stalking the two characters.

Overall i do think i could of used more shots that lasted longer to support Neo-Realism or perhaps chosen a different film movement as Neo-Realism is about people’s ordinary lives with poverty thrown together however the story has sci-fi elements to it which has weird and wonderful elements to it. However i still think the edit works well with a small doses between these two concepts, Neo-Realism makes it more natural making the audience relate more as its everyday life, and the sci-fi makes it more of an open-ended story giving the audience the chance to make their own story.

Film Bibliography

The Bicycle Thief (1948)

Terminal Station (1953)

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Outline to Treatment

Way too many words to fit on this page, so here’s the blog link:


Pitch to Outline

The Mexican Treasure Hunter meets the American Bounty Hunter in a Saloon, and offers him a job, to protect him from any dangers until he reaches to his destination. Shortly after they leave a Mexican gang from another town come riding in to Deadweed demanding the location of the Treasure Hunter. Turns out that El Dorado was right next to the largest gold mine ever seen in all of America. The bartender spills the beans when he eavesdropped on the Bounty Hunter and the Treasure Hunter and said that they were heading for Brimstone. The Sheriff of the town catches whiff of the gang harassing the people of his town, and confronts them that begins and ends in a gunfight. The Sheriff tends to his people while discovering that one of the Deputies has been shot, and is in a critical condition. The Sheriff decides to leave the Deputies behind to keep order to the town while he chases down the gang by following their tracks. Has he leaves for the gang a group of mercenaries hired to find the map question everybody there, the Deputies try to arrest them for their disturbance of the peace but most were either scared of them, killed when attempted, or beaten them to get information. Finally after the beating of the many people at Deadweed they set out after the gang.

Script Pitch

For my first task in 162MC i have to come up with an idea of a script, the script could be any genre so i have decided to go with a wild west theme. I did this because it would be probably the only wild west story in my class, and also i love wild west films, especially spaghetti westerns. After doing some research on wild west films (watching wild west films counts as research) i have some ideas to base my story on.

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Great American Desert is a good location to set the film
  • Have a mix of characters, just because it’s set in America doesn’t mean all the characters will be American
  • Have a final duel (Thats always a given…)
  • More than two people in the duel, adds more tension to the scene

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