P2P- Found Sombody

Looking through my previous contacts and i found Ravi, a staff member of the Positive Youth Foundation. The Positive Youth Foundation is a charity/youth group they provide opportunities for young people to reach their full potential. They have many activities such as Community Engagement, Education and Training, Youth Music, Health and Well-Being, Professional and Organisational Development and Female Focused activities. They aim to help young adults which have trouble with their social lives. Ravi works with the boxing activity, he was orignally a member of the Foundation then became a full staff member, so his story would be about his origins and troubled life.

The Positive Youth Foundation’s boxing activity takes place at the Bodymaster’s Gym from 8pm to 9:30pm every Friday. The Foundation uses a section of the gym for where they practice boxing. The space is just large enough to work with however filming positions will have to from the same side as there are mirrors on the back wall.

The risks that was spotted during Location Scouting was that there is a small amount of space to film which may lead to a boxer accidently fall on the equipment damaging not only the equipment but also the boxer as well. Another risk was long hours/fatigue since it goes for an Hour and 30 minutes carrying the camera in a small environment will be tricky especially if we have to also move the tri-pod also. The lack of energy could lead to an accident due to carelessness.

A solution to the lack of space is to tell the staff and boxers where we will be filming and when we have stopped filming in that location, this will warn the staff/boxers and that they are aware of what could be behind them. A solution to the second will be to take 5 minute breaks in-between if needed and to avoid fast and frequent movement as much as possible this will make sure that we have energy to film throughout the night without causing an accident.

The video will contain interviews to give the viewers more information and insight to the viewers of Ravi’s past. When we film the interviews we need ask the questions in a way so they first say the question as i am aiming that the interviews will be Vox-Pops. A problem that was noticed during my location scouting was that the sound might be too loud and we will be unable to film the interviews, however if the music was turned off the sound levels would then be in acceptable ranges for the interviews.

I will be using close-up shots, close-up mid shots and voice-overs for the interviews this will show who is speaking clearly and the microphone will be able to pick up the voice of the people being interviewed. The shots that we will be using for the voice-over will be mid-shot, long shot, this allows the camera to pick up more action to make it seem less boring. Their won’t be any music added as the task states that i am not allowed to add my music, so the sounds will mostly come from the actions of the boxers and the interview.



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