P2P- Skype Call

Me and Brandon were in a Skype conversation, Brandon used his webcam to show the storyboard he had been drawing on his whiteboard. Together we pitch ideas to each other to add and/or change the storyboard. We decided to split the video into four acts. The first act would be about Jacqui’s origins, how her husband fell ill, what the doctor’s solution to the problem was, how they came about the idea of doing martial arts, and why she joined with her husband. The second act would be about the sexism involved in martial arts, when she joined she was picked on by other students for being a woman, did she ever think about giving up on martial arts?, did this bullying affect her performance?, did it affect her relationship with her husband in anyway?. The third act would be based around Jacqui’s experience on Johnson’s martial arts group, did she think it was an improvement from her previous martial arts group?, was it worse than her previous group?. The final act would be about ATMA, how she started it and why she started it, however she will try to promote and sell her idea in the interview (which is a natural thing to do), what we will have to do is cut those parts in Post-Production.


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