P2P Whiteboard Meeting



Gym- Pros

  • Sense of where she works
  • Mise’en’Scene
  • Large space
  • No invasion of privacy
  • What her classes are like

Gym- Cons

  • Mirrors on the walls
  • Not free
  • May get in the way of students, spooling the nature of the class
  • Us being in the way can cause an accident

Home- Pros

  • More personal
  • Better emotional response
  • Free
  • No background noise
  • Get shots of her accomplishments with martial arts

Home- Cons

  • Pet might get in the way
  • Not a lot of space
  • Could break something
  • Don’t want to interfere with room layout

After the meeting we concluded that we try to film at Jacqui’s home if possible and if not our contingency plan would be to film the interview at the gym.



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