Popcorn Maker

Not going to lie. At first i thought we were going to make popcorn. Turns out that it was instead a website where you could remix any footage you found online. This was annoyingly became aware to me after i had finished my remix, but i was still satisfied with the result. Popcorn Maker is free but can be frustrating to use, however i am told that it is in beta, so hopefully if i feel like using it in the future the system will have improved. The first thing i created was a top 5 list. I decided to do a top 5 video games. BEFORE YOU WATCH this list is just my opinion, this isn’t from a chart or anything, just a fan expressing his opinion.


For my remix documentry I used RT’s documentry on North Korea along with ‘Club&Seal’ video on North Korea as well. The timings of the video are out of place, and it is difficult to have them adjusted correctly since each of the videos bars are curved, sometimes the curves are touching but theres still a gap or if their too close it will replace the other video. Beside from that however i am happy with the result (Though i won’t be happy with the video if North Korea finds it…)



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