Stop-Motion Animation

I have already had some experience with Stop-Motion with my spooky Rubik’s Cube however the twist was that i to upload my Stop-Motion with Vine, yaaaaaaaaaaaay (read that as sarcastically as you can please). At first as you would guess i was annoyed that i had to make a account on this platform but then i simply accepted it and i may consider using it again in the future thus adding to my media platforms. My Stop-Motion uses two of my brothers plushy collection Kirby and Meta-Knight, it shows Kirby floating using his iconic power of sucking things and absorbing there powers however when he ttys to absorb Meta-Knight’s power, he is quickly turned into full serious and dark mode like Meta-Knight (until he gets bored). Unfortunately Vine decided that the video would be best sideways… though it does add to my idea that Kirby is floating. It basically does it all the time anyway.


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