The Big Pitch

The Big Pitch

My story was called ‘Truth’ it is set in 2006, London a Irish journalist called Thomas Moore, he works for the Guardian, whilst trying to find a new story he accidentally discovers a video leak showing British Soldiers shooting unarmed people thinking they are terrorists. Thomas quickly tries to make a story out of this. However his publisher refuses to give him permission to continue on this story. This causes Thomas to decided whether to hide this or let the truth be known. He deicides to publish his story on WikiLeaks. After that he is on the run from the British Government whilst at the same time he tries to figure out a way to escape his pursuers.

I would of chose the British Film Institute to help me fund my project and i would then also choose the British Film Festival to release and show my film. I chose these two options because i wanted to keep this British to make more people aware that Independent British films can be really good.

The name Thomas Moore was inspired by someone called ‘Thomas More’ this Thomas was also a writer, however this writer was executed before he could publish one of his books showing that he was in danger but he still tried to make a book. This can link to Thomas Moore on how he put himself in danger because of his work.


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