The Remix

Now this was a fun one…. my task was to create a trailer using footage only from the internet. So i felt a Sci-fi genre trailer would be my best bet since they could all easily blend together (Someone should try blending Star Wars and Star Trek DVDs as see what happens. Will it blend?) since a   Sci-fi as no limits expect the limits of our imagination. However it did still feel challenging as finding the footage was difficult. I mainly used footage from the film ‘The Fifth Element’ (Recommend you watch this film pronto) i then also combined Dredd, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: Into Darkness (See what i did there?). Overall it worked well but i did have a alternate ending to the video. The song i used was ‘The Chain Gang Sleepwalking’ so i thought of using the scene with the fire skull and the man waking up (0:52)  at the end with the music immediately stopping including all the action to give a sense of a dream feeling. However in the end i decided not to as i couldn’t find anymore footage to make that ending more conclusive and the way i would of wanted it to be.


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