161MC Critical Reflection

This module was all about increasing my awareness on sharing my creations, i used a wide range of websites and techniques to be used for my creations, from documenting my Personal Brand on my WordPress Blog to creating a Stop-Motion Animation with Vine. All of these creations was a challenge as i had never done it before, some were fun to create, others were frustrating to create however in the end i managed to finish them.

For the first task of 161MC i and to identify my own online presence, who was inspiring to me and finally how i would brand myself. On the whole i think no matter what social media I’m on, I still act the same, with my blog I’m not exactly professional all the time after all it is a blog not a report, on Youtube i comment on videos occasionally quoting a famous meme and on Playstation i like to have fun all the time. My media brand would be similar to Seananners, a Youtube partner who i have subscribed to and shares my feeling towards games. All of my media from news to entertainment is online which is very different to older generation.  With this fact the uses of the media, the current generation and future generation is opting for a more interactive way to get their news and entertainment. Barrett stated that: “In the place of the old models therefore, there are a number of new ones rising up.” (Barrett,2010,p1) . Before many people found their news and entertainment on Newspapers or TV, now it is online, people have made a living by uploading entertainment and/or news online. For example the most popular Youtube channel ‘PewDiePie’ used to sell hotdogs, seeing a gap in the market he made his Youtube career and now many more people are trying to make their name on Youtube like many people tried to make their name to Newspapers and TV.

The Big Pitch was my second task for 161MC, i had to create an idea for an independent film, how it would be invested and how it would be released. I went for a story that could honestly be close to a true story, Bradley Manning was arrested for leaking compromising footage to the internet, my idea is based around this however added more action and drama to the story, along with setting it in the UK. I wanted to make an original story as much as possible to make more unique compared to my fellow classmates, also Kroll as stated that: “This may sound basic, but we’ve all fallen into the trap of falling in love with an idea that isn’t marketable and realizing only when it’s too late that we should have tested it or refined it at a much earlier stage. So nip any story issues in the bud, and make sure you have an amazing, original idea and a tightly constructed log line to go along with it.” (Kroll,2014,p1). This gave me more emphasise to create my own and original idea, after researching on possible films that might be the same to mine i did find one that was similar to the idea of video leaks ‘The Fifth Estate’.

For the Remix task i decided to blend many Sci-fi films together: Fifth Element, Dredd and Star Trek. I decided to uses these films as Star Trek was very popular and even if people never watched it they would of heard about it, Dredd wasn’t unpopular but still many people didn’t know about it, Fifth Element however was very unpopular in my generation. I chose to do Sci-fi as their is no limit with this genre. I used this research into making the Fifth Element the dominate film out of the rest with Dredd being secondary and Star Trek tertiary, i did this to make Fifth Element more popular as it is a very good film and i wanted others to enjoy it as much as i did. My video is liable to copyright, the idea of copyright has been debated for a long time now. Aaron Swartz was a victim of copyright. In the film ‘The Internet’s Own Boy: The story of Aaron Swartz’ (2014). He states that “Media should be free to use and not hidden behind a wall of money.” I can relate to this as the media is already controlled, we trust companies with our contact details even though they are strangers to us but we want the media behind the payment.

The Stop-Motion task was interesting and frustrating at the same time as we had to upload them on Vine which i was new to, so i struggled with its interface for some time. I chose to do record a video game character, in this case i chose Kirby as this would be very unique and also if the viewer didn’t recognise him, they would still relate to him cause of his looks. Warhol states that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” (Warhol 1968). I agree with this fact, since using Vine a lot of people have made short videos and getting a large audience, in this case a Vine user ‘Colby’ uploads his videos on Vine and gets more that 100,000 views for every video.

For Web 2.0 i had to recreate a story using online tools, i decided to do something very personal to me while at the same being very unique i chose to retell a episode of Tom and Jerry using Amazon, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. To make the websites fit the story i used Google Chrome and used the ‘inspect element’ tool to alter the websites making it fit the story more. During this task i learnt more technical skills as i didn’t want to make new accounts for each of my characters and manually learnt inspect element.

For the final task i had to remix a documentary using Popcorn Maker, i definitely increased my technical skills using a new system however i found this system very frustrating to use. I remixed RT News’s North Korea Documentry with ‘Club&Seal’s video on North Korea .Galloway said that: “Recently, a new breed of ‘dramatic’ documentary that uses coercion; persuasion, and emotional manipulation has emerged to critical and commercial success.” (Galloway 2007). Mine definitely manipulates emotions showing the realism of North Korea while making their important figures look silly.


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