People 2 People- Reflection

When our group came to the agreement of filming Jacqui Fisher, a martial artist who runs her own martial arts group ATMA. Since Brandon was the only person in our group could contact Jacqui, he was in charge of arranging a meeting with Jacqui, so we could understand her a more, and to see if she had problems with cameras. We the first meeting was recorded we could see that see was very friendly and seemed to have no problems with cameras as Brandon and Chris recorded the first meeting with her. During the meeting we found out more about her and what we needed to focus on in the video. It turns out that their was a lot of sexism in martial arts when she first started  as nearly every class she went too, she was the only female and males did pick on her from that fact.

As to why she started martial arts, her husband was very ill and their doctor advised him to do some physical activities. Her husband was keen on learning martial arts and Jacqui decided to join him to support him. This story can link to ‘rags to riches’ overall i think its best to focus on the sexism part of martial arts, as that is very personal to her and should give a more emotional response for the viewer.

Brandon’s and Chris’s recording:


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