Poetic Eyes- Reflection

So this is my reflection on my Poetic Eyes piece, when i first heard that i had to do this for a task i already knew that this would be hardest thing to do in this entire year, first making a poem and presenting it to the entire class. I struggled greatly thinking of poem, instead i was inspired by another poem, so i based my video around that, also war and nationalism was very important. If the Allies did lose war against the Axis i wouldn’t even be blogging right now, i would either be dead or a prisoner. Finding the footage was difficult as i didn’t want to just focus on old war footage i wanted to use modern footage of armies too.

When i made my video i made a lot of mistakes when making it, i forgot to remove the music off my video as the task was to have no sound except my voice reading the poem. Also my voice was quite stale, it had no real emotion to do it. During the recording i did want to quickly finish this due to my hate for this task. Overall i am not happy with my Poetic Eyes project due to large patch of improvement that was needed in my poem.


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