Web 2.0

So now i had to twist a story using the internet, i used Quicktime Player to record my actions on the screen and i used Google Chrome’s ‘inspect element’ tool to change a website to fit my story. For example i changed my Facebook page to look like one of my characters Facebook page without having to make an entire new Facebook account. The story i wanted to do had to be important in my childhood. Which was a big list. I decided to do cartoons because, i LOVE cartoons (unfortunately kids TV is being replaced with live action junk…) and i already used video games in my work (See popcorn maker for more details) and a film would of been too long so i wanted to do a short based on a old cartoon. Even then the list was still pretty big, you have Transformers, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Simpsons…. (I could go on but i won’t). I finally decided to go with Tom and Jerry because it is very unique compared to my classmates work and it was important in my childhood for making laugh so damn much.


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