Outline to Treatment

Warning: This page is really long. You have been warned.

In the town of Deadwood a Mexican Treasure Hunter meets the American Bounty Hunter in a Saloon, and offers him a job, to protect him from any dangers until he reaches to his destination. However he doesn’t tell the Bounty Hunter that he isn’t really sure where his destination is, only the area in the ‘Great American Desert’. However the Bounty Hunter didn’t care where he had to go only that he would leave him at the destination and get paid seemed like an easy job. Shortly after they leave, a Mexican gang from another town come riding into Deadweed demanding the location of the Treasure Hunter, turns out that the Treasure Hunter is in fact a petty criminal who managed to stole a map from them, which has the location of El Dorado, a town lost and buried in the Great American Desert like a myth. Turns out that El Dorado was right next to the largest gold mine ever seen in all of America. The bartender spills the beans when he eavesdropped on the Bounty Hunter and the Treasure Hunter and said that they were heading for Brimstone. The Sheriff of Deadwood catches whiff of the gang harassing the people of his town, and confronts them which ends up in a gun fight where the Sheriff holds them off while the Deputies flank from behind but the Gang Leader anticipated this and orders his gang to ride past the Sheriff and head for Brimstone. The Sheriff tends to his people while discovering that one of the Deputies (his son) has been shot, and is in a critical condition. The Sheriff decides to leave the Deputies behind to keep order to the town while he chases down the gang by following their tracks.

While on their way the Bounty Hunter asks the Treasure Hunter where is his destination is, the Treasure Hunter just ignores him in case if he says his true meanings the Bounty Hunter will want to split the treasure or leave him believing that the map is fake. The Bounty Hunter pulls out his sawn-off-shotgun and repeats the question, the Treasure Hunter of course just stares at him trying to be cool. Has soon as the Bounty Hunter fires the gun aimed at the ground the Treasure Hunter tells him everything about the destination in a very fast way, the Bounty Hunter couldn’t understand what the fool was even saying. He then tells him to calm down while aiming the gun quite close to his face. The Treasure Hunter tells him about the map’s location. The bounty agrees to go so long as he still gets paid, if they find El Dorado while in the Great American Desert and the treasure is split 50-50. The Treasure Hunter nods yes a couple of times still slightly scared. The Treasure Hunter then asks if we 70 to himself 30 to the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter doesn’t even respond to him but simply rides slowly to Brimstone.

Meanwhile the Mexican Gang set up camp and one of the members gets worried if the law will get himself and his partners. Or there client. The Gang Leader comes and points his revolver at the worried gang member’s feet and fires. Stating that no one on this world can best him and if you think someone else can, prove it. The worried member unfortunately still blabbers on about the law and their client. After that the Gang Leader tells him to stand up and ready your weapon. The worried gang member confused and very scared of what he thinks his about to happen and stutters while he speaks to ask him what he means. The Gang Leader then repeats his order this time threatening to blast his brains out. So the gang member stands and readies his weapon at the same time as the Gang Leader does. Everyone has stopped their actions all you could hear was the gang members breathing, has time passes a bird caws and both of them draw their weapons with swiftness but the Gang Leader guns his own man down, unloading every bullet he has, and swiftly put his gun back in its holster and returning to his lunch.

Back at Deadweed a group of mercenaries hired to find the map question everybody there, the Deputies try to arrest them for their disturbance of the peace but most were either scared of them, killed when attempted, or beaten them to get information. Finally after the beating of the many people at Deadweed they ride for Brimstone, they give a sense that they will not stop to make camp, and they keep riding till their job is complete and with the lack of emotion that they give it is certain that they are a deadly enemy to face.

In Brimstone the Treasure Hunter decides to get some supplies for the final trip, whilst the Bounty Hunter goes to the Jail to see if any bounties have been placed in this region. He then discovers that his so-called Treasure Hunter was in fact a criminal; the law in Brimstone immediately tries to arrest the Bounty Hunter thinking that he is the Treasure Hunter’s partner since the rode together. While trying to convince him that it’s a mistake the Bounty Hunter gets hand-cuffed and before he was put in his cell an explosion so loud that it made the Bounty Hunter go deaf for a brief moment, whilst slightly dizzy too he tries to get the keys from the dead Sheriff but it is proving to be difficult due to the amount of keys the Sheriff had. Whilst the Treasure Hunter immediately not even waiting for the Bounty Hunter rides for El Dorado. The Bounty Hunter finally setting himself free tries to get to his horse has the raining explosion continue to destroy the town. Managing to get to his horse he finds out that the Army are riding in, the Bounty Hunter rides through the Saloon dodging the Army’s charge and through the back-door (breaking some of the sides off).

A lieutenant questions his officer’s orders on engaging a civilian town. The officer turns and says in a calm voice “In this part of the region we can say that raiders did this and the people of this region will be none the wiser.” The officer then begins to say that they must get that map before anyone takes what El Dorado has. The lieutenant still with a slightly angry face reluctantly orders the second cavalry to charge in.

The roaring sound of the American forces and the explosions happening, draws the attention of not the gang but also the Sheriff so both parties make haste either taking the roads or crossing the terrain, they both make it to Brimstone at different times, with the same reaction, shocked that this could even possibly happen. The gang members try to find the fool of a criminal the Treasure Hunter while the sheriff tries to identify the tracks across the town and the outskirts of it. The gang member’s find the Treasure Hunter’s hat among horse footprints leading out of the town. Whilst the Sheriff finds the Bounty Hunter’s tracks (He has no idea who’s it is only that they escaped) He can’t find the Gang’s due to the amount of prints across the town’s path. Without any leads he decides to track the bounty Hunter’s footprints hoping to get answers on who did this and if they know the gang’s location. Whereas the gang still continue to travel down the path to where the Treasure Hunter cowers.

The Bounty Hunter rides to make camp at a wasteland where you can see so far you can the Earth’s ground simply disappear and the only sound you can hear is the air’s gust of wind. Knowing that the Treasure Hunter hasn’t passed this road yet he simply waits for him to come. Hours pass and finally the Treasure Hunter is seen and heard riding towards the desert for his ‘destiny’ has he likes to call it. The Bounty Hunter comes out of hiding and shoots in the Treasure Hunters location, aiming to miss, which makes the horse scared and throwing the Treasure Hunter of his horse. Slightly dazed the Treasure Hunter takes out his telescope and surveys the area to find the enemy, after going 180 degrees he see’s a black shiny object, after focusing he sees the object to be a gun startled looks out the telescope and then finds the Bounty Hunter aiming towards his face. In a friendly voice he says how great it is to see him again, then immediately switches his voice to a more serious saying how he survived and questioned who did, the Hunter was about to switch onto another topic but then the Bounty Hunter simply shoots the ground and asks if anyone else knows the map. Of course completely scared the Treasure Hunter tells him everything very fast taking some time later trying to calm him down. Afterwards the two of them travel again but this time with the Bounty Hunter on horseback and the Treasure Hunter tied to the horse via rope on foot. The treasure Hunter’s horse following behind.

The Mercenaries arrive at Brimstone not caring about the devastation but only where the Treasure Hunter is and if he died on this piece of soil. In the distance the Leader sees a silhouette in the distance, as it draws near the leader draws out his bow, about to fire he makes out the person, and it is in fact his client. The client who demands they make camp has he has much information to give on the map he so desires. He tells them that the Army is involved and an American Bounty Hunter is protecting the Treasure Hunter and the direction they have gone too.

The gang set up camp on the highest point in the wasteland to find the Treasure Hunter as this wasteland is vast, the gang has found the Treasure Hunter with a stranger dragging him by horse, they were about to kill them both until they spotted a group of mercenaries making camp, with a rather refined man in a larger tent none of the gang members recognised who it was except the leader. Thus he orders his men to ready an ambush for the mercenaries, of course the gang member are wondering why not just go for the map, but no one questioned for the fear of losing their life. FLASHBACK WITH GANG LEADER: (The client hires the gang to capture a ‘government man’ and get a map from him. They had of course claimed the map for their client whilst on their way back one of the gang members saw the map and discovered what it truly was. Without telling anyone its true secrets and his intentions he rode off to the nearest town. Since they had failed to bring the map the client hired mercenaries to kill the gang and capture the map). The gang leader striving for vengeance for not only the treasure hunter, but also the client for sending assassins to hunt him down.

In the middle of the night the only sound that can be heard is the fire crackling and the client whining about his uncomfortable so-called ‘bed’, but then 5 bright objects are hurled at the camp, as the land they get a closer look of the object and are horrified by what it is. Dynamite. The dynamite start a fire that spreads to the tents causing nearly the entire group of mercenaries to die, they immediately prepared as they kill the campfire, the fire that is spreading, and the sound that they make. As the gang go in to investigate if they were all killed, they immediately get picked off one by one. For the Gang Leader this was just a distraction as he closes in on the client’s tent waiting for him to turn on his lamp when he thinks he’s safe. When the mercenaries wipe out the attack party they come back up to give the all clear. As soon as the lamp is turned on he sees two figures in tent.

The mercenary leader trying to turn the lamp back off before they get spotted but the Gang Leader as a reputation of being an ace gunslinger. In a span of a few seconds the remaining mercenaries outside the tent get gunned down along with the two inside the tent. Has he enters the tent he sees the client still alive crawling towards his small chest, as the Leader walks to him with a knife in his hand about to deal the final blow the client gets his gun from his chest, an antique gun from China and points it at the client. As the client starts boasting he tells him all about the map, the client wanting him to know that he had the power to get so much money and he lost it to a pathetic creature (The Treasure Hunter). About to go on to another taunt the leader throws the knife at his neck. About to leave, a shimmer of light catches the gang leader’s eye. In the small chest there is a large amount of jewels and bit cash inside.

Mesmerised by the jewels he sits there for what could feel has hours he takes only the jewels and puts it in his pocket leaving the money in the chest. He leaves the camp and rides with the rest of his gang towards the tracks of the Treasure Hunter and the Bounty Hunter. However he left without realising that one of the mercenaries survived the attack and is furious at his disgraceful defeat and sees the Leader’s death as his regain for honour.

Meanwhile in the middle of the American Desert the Sheriff finds a man at camp and a man tied to a rock. Thinking that this is a kidnapping as a servant of the law he sneaks in untying the man tied to the rock not knowing it is in fact. The Treasure Hunter, only as a victim he sees him. As he unties him, he wakes him up and tells him to be quiet and go for one of the horses. The Treasure Hunter slightly confused as to why he rescued him or how he got here but doesn’t really care about that and runs for the horse. In his panic of trying not to be heard/seen he trips up with his own foot. Getting back up he makes for his horse and grabs one of his pistols and closes in on the Bounty Hunter. He aims at him and orders him to drop his weapon. The Bounty being silent and still, the Treasure Hunter orders him again. Still the same result, he then pushes the Bounty Hunter to find only his jacket hanging on a stick rooted to the ground. Immediately afterwards a sawn-off shotgun pointed at the back of his head. The bounty hunter then dares him to say it again.

Treasure Hunter being silent and dropping his weapon. But then. The Sheriff points his rifle at the Bounty Hunter and then orders him to drop his weapon. As HE drops his shotgun the Treasure Hunter grabs his guns and rides off without listening to the sheriff’s orders. He then ties the Bounty Hunter to the rock and interrogates him into learning why he was here in the first place, and what happened to Brimstone. Seeing no option to escape and no reason not to tell him. He tells him about what he thinks happened to Brimstone, and the map, how a certain gang is involved and who he just let escape. The sheriff realising what he has just done he knocks out the bounty hunter then untying him, and makes chase to for the Treasure Hunter. Next morning the bounty hunter wakes and packs his gear seeing no rush to give chase just yet as the Sheriff and the military will give the Treasure Hunter already a hard time already. Afterwards he rides off in pursuit.

As the Treasure Hunter rides off ahead. He find an old mine which was near El Dorado hoping it was the same mine he enters finding that it is not the same mine has he was expecting and neither is it a gold mine. He however finds this place has a good place of refuge has it has a hidden backdoor and the mine is filled with dynamite. Seeing the perfect opportunity to be rid of either the Bounty Hunter or the Gang, which either comes first, he sets a trap. As hours pass what seemed like thunder was in fact the marching of military cavalry preparing an ambush for the Treasure Hunter in the same cave as the Treasure Hunter is already in (thinking that they are far superior then Mexican people) they rush in quickly in-mass without checking if he is already in the area. The Treasure Hunter lights his trap and readies his horse to dash to the other side.

Sure enough the trap works detonating the dynamite, causes a cave-in. However this also causes the detonation of all the stacks of dynamite in the area cause the entire cave to be buried, the Treasure Hunter escaping by a second, the army was not so lucky, all were completely wiped out except for the Lieutenant himself and his squad. The sound of the large explosion was heard for miles. The Bounty Hunter, Sheriff, Gang and Mercenary hear the explosion and rush to the destination.

As the Treasure Hunter rides to El Dorado he is now being closely chased by the remaining military and the Sheriff, normally the Sheriff wouldn’t dare shoot people who defended his country. However after learning about Brimstone he attacks the military with rage and vengeance for the American lives lost. The military try counter-attacking but the Gang follows closely behind taking out the other half. Slowly being picked off one by one the Lieutenant orders his men to split up and attack making it harder to be hit. As the rest of the squad split up the Lieutenant continues to engage on the Treasure Hunter. Whilst the squad fight the gang, out of nowhere comes a hail of arrows hitting the gang’s horses and themselves. The mercenary as entered combat. About to fire another set of arrows at the Gang Leader the Sheriff fires and drops his horse to the ground severely injuring the Mercenary. Meanwhile the bounty hunter watches from afar seeing no point to go in guns blazing just yet. Then rides to intercept the Treasure Hunter as he passes a small canyon called Forks Pass. The Treasure Hunter stops and throws a bag of dynamite and shoots it causing an avalanche blocking the road however the Sheriff, Gang Leader and Lieutenant. Forcing the rest to go around. The Bounty Hunter then engages and finishes the remaining squad members and gang members.

The Treasure Hunter gets off his horse and decides to run instead as the horse is out of energy and the Treasure Hunter is filled with excitement and does not want to wait around for a horse! So he has he runs the more he dreams about the future (Also he can quench his thirst has he left his supplies in the mine). Him ‘filthy’ rich, with the finest women, the best alcohol, the most expensive guns on display, the biggest house ever. All immediately flushed away as he trips and rolls down a hill. As he gets up and dusts himself he see’s a bright light beaming to his face. As he gets closer he sees a building made out of gold, and another, and another, AND ANOTHER. He runs drunk with dreams he rush’s faster than he has ever gone before he even see’s a fountain made out of gold with water flowing from it! As he gets close it all disappears. The golden buildings fade away. The fountain and water turn into an old dusty well. Still determined he continues going forwards crossing the never-ending desert. After what seemed an eternity. He sees some sought of structure it is different to the previous one, has it is a normal house in prime condition, not gold but wood. As he ventures further into the town. He sees a well with the water right at the top. Fast-walking this time as he can’t run anymore, he gets the bucket and again what seems like Deja ‘Vu everything fades away.

Another mirage. In fact he is back to the original fountain he found earlier but also sees horse-prints were his old footprints were. Too thirsty to care, he travels onward this time thinking about his directions and following the map. As another hour passes another drop water goes out of the Treasure Hunter and another drop of disappointment is instead given. He sees a couple of structures, could be a town. But it is run down, broken. He doesn’t think that could possibly be it and it is probably a mirage. So he continues he later then checks the map to see if he is on course. Somehow he managed to miss it. So turning back he presses on. Returning to broken structures. Again thinking it’s a mirage he this time goes through the ‘mirage’ as he thinks this is the direction he is suppose to go. He doesn’t even check the great hole in the cliff. He still thinks that it is all a mirage. Again with shock discovering he has missed it. Returning again with bitter rage. He stomps the ground repeatedly and shouts at the mirage to go away. As rage fades and dreams start to rise up.

He slowly walks at a building; edging is way towards it with his hand out. With each step he takes the more he dreams of the money he will get as he closes eyes. Hoping to touch the building proving to him self that it is not a mirage. However he keeps walking not touching anything, after a couple of seconds he opens his eyes and sees nothing but a wasteland. Falling to his knees his dreams die as he does. Lying then on his back staring at the sky he then wonders what he could have had. Then taking another look at the map sitting up to read it. He is confused at why it isn’t here. He turns it upside down to see if it is the other way he reads in it a pattern but nothing makes sense! Throwing the map away he sees the structure in the distance that he wanted to touch! Now realising that he missed the building all together! and walked right passed it! With little energy left he crawls towards it. Finally touching the building but it is not fading. It still remains. Everything still remains.

He smiles and his dreams are reborn but then instantly killed as his paranoia tells him its just another stupid place it may not even be El Dorado. But then he sees a sign covered in sand. He crawls towards it, removing the sand and with a smile he reads out loud “Welcome to El Dorado” Reborn he jumps in the air with dreams washing over him to stop his feeling of thirst. As he runs with joy he takes his guns and shoots them everywhere. In the air, in the buildings, in the ground. Spinning with joy he stops and sees the mine in the cliff. Dropping his guns in excitement he runs with a scream so loud it may even echo through the desert for an eternity. He finds the entrance of the mine, blocked off with feeble wood. So he rips the blocks of wood away as he makes progress he hears a gun cock, not really caring and forgetting were that noise even came from he continues. He is then pushed to the floor. Again not caring who is behind him he yet again continues to carve a path. He his then forced to turn around with an iron grasp and sees the Bounty Hunter, with his is sawn-off shotgun pointing at him. The Treasure Hunter then ends his open-joy and speaks to the Bounty as if they are best friends. The bounty Hunter simply rolls his eyes and shoots the ground.

After 10 minutes have passed (trying to calm the Treasure Hunter down) the Bounty Hunter orders him to continue carving a path. As soon as he begins a gunshot is heard in the distance and a ricocheted bullet flies past the both of them. As they crawl to cover more gunshots are heard with bullets charging at them from an unknown source. As silence returns. The Treasure Hunter and Bounty Hunter both take a peek to see who it was. The Gang Leader walks slowly towards them while putting his pistol in his holster. The Bounty Hunter stands up and waits for him whereas the Treasure Hunter is ready to shoot him when he’s in range until, he finds out that both his pistols are out of ammo, from his ‘joy-ride’. Searching his pockets for more clips. He sees the Bounty Hunter holding the remaining clips in his left hand. Quietly whining to himself he remains hidden. As the Gang Leader reaches the entrance to the mine another gunshot is heard, before the second shot was fired both of them enter cover. The Treasure Hunter tries to learn what’s happening and sees the Lieutenant reloading his bolt-action rifle whilst making his way to the mine entrance. Has he arrives he orders both of them to drop their weapons and surrender, but he already knows the answer and readies his weapon. As they too both ready their weapons the Gang Leader shouts at the Treasure Hunter and orders him to come out and face him. Closing his eyes forcibly the Treasure Hunter was hoping they would kill each other. He then comes out of his hiding place and looks down on the ground, too ashamed to look at him. But then he answering his own question. That he can stand up to him. He looks up at him readying his weapons. Giving off a little smile the Gang Leader reloads his weapon and stands in one corner, and the Bounty Hunter stands in the other. They are ready for their dual. Until.

The sound of yet another gunshot is heard in the distance hitting the Gang Leaders hat. As they all turn, most with curiosity, one with rage. The Sheriff has arrived for the dual. Readying his Repeater. As he stands on his ‘side’. The pistoleers have their pistols holstered. The Riflemen have their rifles on their right hand touching their legs. They wait. They wait for the moment. They wait for the first person. They wait for the first person to make their move. And then. An arrow flies through the sky and an arrow lands and piercing the targets chest. The Lieutenant. Instantly killed. All of them turn. It’s the Mercenary. As he readied another arrow the others aimed and fired all their bullets at the Mercenary. As soon as the Mercenary fell everyone reloads and aim at each other, after finally holstering their guns again to reset the dual. More tension is built. As first blood as already been drawn. They wait again. They wait again for another sound or a slight movement. Then.

The Treasure Hunter unleashes his pistols and aims for the Gang Leader and Bounty Hunter. Before shooting however the Gang Leader already puts 3 bullets into him. Knocking him down with pain. Then the Gang Leader switch targets to the Bounty Hunter. The Sheriff shoots two bullets only one hitting the Gang Leader before needing to reload. Completely forgetting to reload when he had the chance considering switching to his pistol, the Bounty then gets his Sawn-Off Shotgun and fires at the Gang Leader pushing him far back. Then aims it at the Sheriff both staring at each other. He fires but nothing happens. Unfortunately for him. His primary weapon is jammed. As he drops his Sawn-Off Shotgun and gets his pistol an arrow hits him in the shoulder. The Mercenary is still alive. As the Mercenary runs out of arrows he drops the bow and fires his revolver but is clearly way out of range to hit anything but the ground. The sheriff however takes his time reloading his repeater. As the Mercenary draws closer and closer. The sheriff stops his slow movement and with god-like speed he aims and fires. The bullet travels creating a streamline from the sand of the desert and goes straight into the Mercenary’s head.

Thinking he’s the victor he calmly, and slowly prepares to tie the Bounty Hunter with his lasso. As he rolls him over to see if he’s dead. The Bounty Hunter is holding a pistol and fires two shots at the Sheriff one to disarm the other in his right arm. As he falls. The Bounty Hunter rises. Removing the arrow out of his body. About to finish the Sheriff. He proposes a deal towards him. He clears the Bounty Hunters name for working with the Treasure Hunter and any other charges that are been put before him. In exchange for his life. Seeing no other option the Sheriff agrees. As he lifts him up and gets him on his horse they both ride to the nearest town. Two hours later the Bounty Hunter returns with two horses and a bandage on his shoulder. Three hours later the Treasure Hunter wakes up. Slightly dazed. He stands up and falls back down again. This time he recovers and stands up and scans the environment. Realising that the dual has finished and he lost. He drops large iron plating that he got from the mine that was under his clothes and protected him from gunfire. He dashes to the entrance of the mine, seeing that it has been opened and the mine has been stripped to the core. As he kneels to the ground he sees that a lamp has been lit, in the mine, and sees tiny gold pieces all along the floor that wasn’t there before. Someone’s mined all the gold.

Leaving the mine with despair. He walks out to the wasteland dragging his own body. He takes one last look at the mine. Has he turns something glimmers in his eyes. It’s coming from the Gang Leader. Walking towards him he starts speaking to himself but towards the Gang Leader. Saying why he left. Was it worth it? Why did he have to do this? Has he stands above him he finds the glimmer in his pocket. As he checks his pocket he feels a small bag. He opens the bag with curiosity he is instantly mesmerised with the beauty of the jewels in the bag. Smiling wide. He puts the jewels in his pocket and search’s the Gang Leader.


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