Pitch to Outline

The Mexican Treasure Hunter meets the American Bounty Hunter in a Saloon, and offers him a job, to protect him from any dangers until he reaches to his destination. Shortly after they leave a Mexican gang from another town come riding in to Deadweed demanding the location of the Treasure Hunter. Turns out that El Dorado was right next to the largest gold mine ever seen in all of America. The bartender spills the beans when he eavesdropped on the Bounty Hunter and the Treasure Hunter and said that they were heading for Brimstone. The Sheriff of the town catches whiff of the gang harassing the people of his town, and confronts them that begins and ends in a gunfight. The Sheriff tends to his people while discovering that one of the Deputies has been shot, and is in a critical condition. The Sheriff decides to leave the Deputies behind to keep order to the town while he chases down the gang by following their tracks. Has he leaves for the gang a group of mercenaries hired to find the map question everybody there, the Deputies try to arrest them for their disturbance of the peace but most were either scared of them, killed when attempted, or beaten them to get information. Finally after the beating of the many people at Deadweed they set out after the gang.

In Brimstone the Treasure Hunter decides to get some supplies for the final trip, whilst the Bounty Hunter goes to the Jail to see if any bounties have been placed in this region. He then discovers that his so-called Treasure Hunter was in fact a criminal; the Sheriff in this town immediately tries to arrest the Bounty Hunter thinking that he is the Treasure Hunter’s partner since the rode together. While trying to convince him that it’s a mistake an explosion so loud that it made the Bounty Hunter go deaf for a brief moment, whilst slightly dizzy too he tries to get the keys from the dead Sheriff. Whilst the Treasure Hunter immediately not even waiting for the Bounty Hunter rides for El Dorado. The Bounty Hunter finally setting himself free tries to get to his horse has the raining explosion continue to destroy the town. The Army are riding in; the Bounty Hunter rides through the Saloon dodging the Army’s charge and through the back-door. The Bounty Hunter readying his trap he pulls the wire that he set up knocking the Treasure Hunter off his horse.

The gang set up camp on the highest point in the wasteland to find the Treasure Hunter as this wasteland is vast, the gang has found the Treasure Hunter with a stranger dragging him by horse, they were about to kill them both until they spotted a group of mercenaries making camp, with a rather refined man in a larger tent none of the gang members recognised who it was except the leader. Thus he orders his men to ready an ambush for the mercenaries. Both sides take heavy losses but the gang leader got what he came for has he enters the tent he sees the client dead. However he left without realising that one of the mercenaries survived the attack and is furious at his disgraceful defeat and sees the Leader’s death as his regain for honour.

Meanwhile in the middle of the American Desert the Sheriff finds a man at camp and a man tied to a rock. Thinking that this is a kidnapping has a servant of the law he sneaks in untying the man tied to the rock not knowing it is in fact. The Treasure Hunter, only has a victim he sees him. As he unties him, he wakes him up and tells him to be quiet and go for one of the horses. Riding for hours the Treasure Hunter gets off his horse and decides to run instead as the horse is out of energy. He finds the entrance of the mine, blocked off with feeble wood. So he rips the blocks of wood away as he makes progress he his then forced to turn around with an iron grasp and sees the Bounty Hunter, with his is sawn-off shotgun pointing at him. As the Bounty Hunter claims the reward the other players enter the arena. The fight ends with the Bounty Hunter standing.


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