The Broadcast Project

The task for this project is to make a studio based ‘magazine programme’. A magazine programme is similar to a new stand magazine. It is made up of a collection of ‘items’ (or articles). Each item is produced to fit the tone, (house) style and subject matter for the intended audience. Some examples of these shows would be:

  • The One Show
  • This Morning
  • Good Morning Britain
  • Top Gear
  • Lorraine
  • Gadget Show

I’ll be recording this project in groups and we will be recording this live (no editing allowed). The programme will be 10 minutes long, we can pick the title and theme for the programme. The programme content should include a mix of researched clip and your own VTs. We must interact with the audience via social media.

A Checklist that the programme MUST have:

  1. At least two clips (material found from the internet that fits your theme – that is copyright approved)
  2. At least two VTs (pre-recorded inserts of original material – made by the team). One of these must be international/produced outside UK)
  3. A studio based interview (contributors/interviewees must not be on the MP course)
  4. A demonstration item (some kind of skill) or a performance (music, dance or comedy)
  5. An audience Participation item using Social Media




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