People 2 People- Editing Reflection

Chris was in charge of editing the video, the first edit was okay aligning the footage along with the audio from the Zoom H5 Audio Recorder whilst at the same time trying to create a narrative and creating a emotional response. The audio had to be perfect as the only audio is from the visuals itself we couldn’t add anything else to fill in parts that had no audio, so the focus was to make sure that Jacqui was always speaking and that the class noise would help fill the areas that were dull. We had meeting during the editing phase on what things we should do and what things we should remove.

In the end i didn’t mainly affect the editing process overall as Brandon decided to move the footage over to Final Cut Pro as Chris swapped with Brandon, and Brandon had more expertise with Final Cut then Premiere Pro and i lacked the experience with Final Cut. During the final stages of the editing we noticed that the sound was out of sync with the visuals, this was our biggest problem as the video already tell Jacqui’s story without the need to even edit it in the first place. However if we had left the alignment between video and sound it would look sloppy and unprofessional.


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