People 2 People- Production Reflection

It took us two days to film our project, one day was used to film the interview with Jacqui Fisher and the second day was used filming her class on what they do. The first day of filming i didn’t attend as i was working at Tesco when the filming was done. Brandon asked the questions, whilst Chris handled the camera and Matthew was using the rifle mic. On the second day of filming i did attend however Matthew couldn’t make it as he was very ill and sent to hospital.

I mostly used the mono-pod on that day whilst Chris and Brandon used the tripod. We used the tripod to get steady shots of the room and the students performing martial arts. Brandon used the Go-Pro and made sure that the Go-Pro was secure on Jacqui’s leg as she strikes the boards. We had to make sure that on both days that the audio is fine as we aren’t allowed to replace the sound with anything else.

Overall the filming went really well however the first day of filming could of been improved as the organising for the shoot was done on the day before we filmed and was rushed. This can be improved with better organisation.


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