161MC Blog Task 2

Top Gear and The Graham Norton Show are both similar since they are both magazine programmes however their are some difference between these two shows.

Top Gear as three presenters whereas The Graham Norton Show just has one, they only have one presenter instead of having three because of the name, the name of the show is the same name as the presenters meaning that if they were going to have more presenters they would have to add that person’s name to the title also. Top Gear as mutliple presenters this way they can review more cars in quicker time and also have more entertainment since their is three presenters.

Top Gear’s set looks more basic than Graham’s show as Top Gear uses a big warehouse where the audience stands around and surround the car and the presenters. They use a big environment because they need space for not only the people and camera equipment but also the cars that they present. However if they decided to give the audience a row of seats in a line on one side of the warehouse then the otherside would feel empty and not as packed also since its a warehouse and not a set the background would be poor, so they use the audience as a background surrounding everything. The Graham Norton show uses a more tradional magazine programme set, with bright colours and an audiences that isn’t mostly seen but heard with applause.

Top Gear’s content is about cars, they review cars, they race them across the world and do silly and funny things with the cars. For example they try to make a car into boat and sail it from the UK to France. They challenge celebrities to come in and race around their track competing to be the fastest person on the board. The Graham Norton Show discuss events either about himself or about recent events and tries to be more comedic than Top Gear. Graham Norton show is more similar to The One Show than Top Gear because of its actvities and similar set design, with it being inside a studio filled with bright colours that is.

I prefer Top Gear as i’ve watched it since 2009 and i enjoy the interesting and uniques that they such as their Top Gear special episdoes where they don’t even use the studio just a recorded journey in a different country. The Graham Norton show is too similar to other talk shows and doesn’t try to do anything new.



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