161MC Blog Task 3

With the previous task i compared Top Gear and The Graham Norton show. Now i will do it again however i will be focusing their websites this time.

Top Gear as male targeted colours mainly showing cool colours like blue and with images of cars reminding people what their show is about and also to people who have yet seen Top Gear, they can get an idea of what the show is about. The Graham Norton Show as female targeted colours mainly showing warm colours like red. They show the presenter in nearly every image, to show who Graham Norton is and remind everyone he is the main character of the show along with the audience.

Both websites look and feel friendly, Top Gear’s colour scheme is brighter than Graham Norton show however every picture as people smiling towards the camera making the viewer feel welcomed. Top Gear as facts and information about the cars that are on their wesbite in case they didnt review it on the show or they wanted more information about the car. Graham Norton as  more about the celebrities that appear in the show on different episodes.

As i said Top Gear showed plenty of cars and information about the cars but it also as behind-the-scenes clips, a shop to purchase their merchandise and also an online game for the audience to enjoy (It’s not that impressive). The Graham Norton show as a list of episodes for you to watch online and a way to apply to be on the Graham Norton Show. However Top Gear as a lot more content than their website with all its information, clips, store and latest news. They both have user interaction such as with Top Gear the game, and Graham Norton show the chance to be on the show. I think however the user interaction is stronger for Graham’s show as you get a chance to not only interact with the show virtually but also in real life by being a part of one of your loved TV shows. Whereas Top Gear you get a game.



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