161MC Blog Task 4

Health and Safety is extremly important while working on set even more so since we plan to have animals in our studio. There is also the most common risks in a studio such as:

  • Wires- Wires can get in the way of people even more so for camera operators, people can easily trip over them since they are so concealed, or they can stop a camera from moving and maybe even tip the camera damaging equipment. In order to prevent this the wires must be taped down.
  • Liquids- Liquids spilling over the set can result in people slipping over and hurting themselves or even result in electrical damage especially if their is spillage near the all the plugs. That is why we must check for any spillage before and after.
  • Fire- Fire as always been an issue in any work place, which is why we should set a location to go to in the case of a fire so we now if everyone escape the fire. Also for increased early detection warning smoke detectors should be installed inside the studio.

Here is our Risk Assessment completed by Gyongyi Kohut, who is the producer of our project.


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