161MC Blog Task 5

Since i have talked about Top Gear so much already, i decided to talk even more about it. However this time im focusing on the recent issues that have happened in Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson. After filming all day without any breaks or food, he was then given food that he didn’t order nor didn’t want. Thus he attacked the producer, however the following day he decided toturn himself in, the producer didn’t mention this event at all. After this confession BBC Top Gear was then investigated yet again. This isn’t the first that Jeremy as been on the news based on negative events. Last year he was on the news as in one of the episodes ‘deleted’ scenes he said a very naughty word which angered quite a lot of people. Thus Jeremy as been granted several warnings until now BBC have decided that he has crossed the line this time. “A member of staff – who is a completely innocent party – took himself to Accident and Emergency after a physical altercation accompanied by sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature. For me a line has been crossed (TopGear 2015) “.

This event as triggered a halt of filming in the middle of it’s season meaning that the this show’s season will end sooner which will leave fans dissapointed. Top Gear is BBC 2 ‘star’, it’s most popular show on it’s channel with people upto “6 million (Barb.co.uk)”. However the TV channel Dave mainly known for it’s Top Gear repeats as had increased viewings as BBC took down Top Gear from BBC 2 off the air.

With BBC’s decision to not have Jeremy on Top Gear anymore the public were anything but pleased from this result. Trying anything to bring him back on from petitions to even death threats. Top Gear’s future is at risk and now that everyone knows that Jeremy won’t be on Top Gear anymore, many people are wondering what will happen to Richard and James the other presenters of Top Gear. The BBC have renewed their contracts however everyone is unsure whether they will stay as their ‘banter’ on the show was done really well and nearly everyone liked it each with their own personalities. Jeremy- the loud and crazy one. James- the smart and most of the time made fun of in a funny way. Richard- a balance between the two. All this combined worked well. However will Top Gear work with just the two? or will they feel like it is the wrong thing to do?

A poll by Digital Spy shows the public’s view on the future of Top Gear with Jeremy.

(Eames 2015)

This poll shows that most people will not watch Top Gear anymore without Jeremy however both ‘Yes a new presenter would fix it’ and ‘It should have ended long ago’ are both roughly similar in score which can create another conflict if BBC decide to continue the show with another presenter.

I feel that the right thing was done, Jeremy had several warnings in the past and it had to end. The BBC decided that even if he is the star of the show, an incident such as this can not be so easily dismissed. However even though this is the right thing, sometimes its best to not do the right thing. I would of kept him on, as seen from the poll more people would be defending my choice and BBC 2 would still keep it’s most popular TV programme with little risk of losing it’s fans. The banter that all three on the presenters have mixes very well with Jeremy being the centre of it all, at this point some people watch it for the banter and not the cars, take him out and the show is broken. However in the future if Jeremy was to yet again make another mistake their would be no choice but to remove him otherwise BBC make look extremly biased and a company that doesn’t do the right thing. Another reason to back my choice is that all the viewers will leave Top Gear as Jeremy plans to do another Top Gear show with Richard and James but under a different name on Netflix “Clarkson and his former Top Gear co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, are believed to be in negotiation with web TV company Netflix about the possibility of starting a new show when they have completed their worldwide live tour. (The Week 2015)”. Thus losing viewers to BBC’s competition.


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