161MC Blog Task 5

Since i have talked about Top Gear so much already, i decided to talk even more about it. However this time im focusing on the recent issues that have happened in Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson. After filming all day without any breaks or food, he was then given food that he didn’t order nor […]

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161MC Blog Task 4

Health and Safety is extremly important while working on set even more so since we plan to have animals in our studio. There is also the most common risks in a studio such as: Wires- Wires can get in the way of people even more so for camera operators, people can easily trip over them […]

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161MC Blog Task 3

With the previous task i compared Top Gear and The Graham Norton show. Now i will do it again however i will be focusing their websites this time. Top Gear as male targeted colours mainly showing cool colours like blue and with images of cars reminding people what their show is about and also to […]

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161MC Blog Task 2

Top Gear and The Graham Norton Show are both similar since they are both magazine programmes however their are some difference between these two shows. Top Gear as three presenters whereas The Graham Norton Show just has one, they only have one presenter instead of having three because of the name, the name of the […]

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161MC Blog Task 1

The One Show is a magazine show with an aim to entertain their audience and bring everyone together, classes, gender and religons. It alsoas presenter discuss recent positive events as when they host their show, most people are coming back from work and want to enjoy themselves so negative events wouldn’t entertain them. One of […]

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